In a listy kind of mood. (Spring Cleaning of the mind?)

Friends, you might or might not know this about me, but I have kindof a lot of yarn.

(Greg is laughing like a hyena right now. Stop that Greg. It’s not cute. *cackling continues*)

ANYWAY, interruptions aside, I have a well aged and curated yarn stash at this point. Most of it is single skeins or pairs for accessory projects (shawls and socks mostly, with a few hats and cowls thrown in). I like knitting accessories, because I think that you get the most use out of them provided you live somewhere cold. You can wear the same few scarves every day for the entire winter and no one bats an eye. Also, I’m a wee bit on the impatient side, and I like to have the thrill of the finished thing reasonably often. However, lately I’ve been coveting more lengthy projects, eyeing everyone’s beautiful sweaters and feeling as though I should have a few of my own.. Plus, my Rhinebeck sweaters from the past two years are absolutely my two favorite sweaters. I absolutely ADORE them, and I wear them all the time when it’s cold out. I actually took out my sweater from two years past, and I decided to add a few more inches onto the bottom. I was getting annoyed with it riding up, and so I took destiny into my own hands and unpicked the cast off edge. I’ve added about two inches so far, and I think I’ll add maybe two more. It’s so much better already.

I think that fixing that sweater to make it perfect for me got me to thinking more about handknit sweaters and how superior they are to the purchased kind. So I started rifling through my yarn stash, and pulled out all of the yarn I have in sweater quantities. Surprisingly enough, it’s rather considerable.. I’m going to make a list of my yarn and the plans I have for it (if there are any. My plans are usually pretty loose and changeable.) I like to have yarn in the stash for a while before I knit with it, even if I have a strong idea of what I want it to become when I purchase it. I mull things over, consider them, and see if my idea is perfect in every way. Knitting is far too slow to rush into a project that becomes unsatisfying due to lack of forethought. When I finish something, I want it to be utterly fabulous. I know some of you are shaking your heads at me right now. It’s okay to do things a different way! This is just my style and I know it’s what gives me results I’m happy with, and however you get the results you want is fine for you. You do you, is what I’m saying 😛

So, without any further ado, here’s my sweater yarn stash!


This is some Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool and it’s going to be a Millisande, by Ann McCauley. (all photos will be shamelessly lifted from the Ravelry page for each sweater. I did not take these pictures, as you can probably tell by the quality of my yarn photography :P)


I absolutely love this sweater. It might just be the fabulously squishy shawl collar of awesomeness, but that all-over texture is equally amazing. I’m not usually all about cables on the whole sweater, but I’m a total fangirl for everything Brooklyn Tweed. (As you will see from the rest of the list.) I think that in a heathered tan, I could wear this sweater all the time. Plus it would totally look awesome sauce with my new hunter green skinny jeans. It was meant to be. I also love the less fitted silhouette. I have a lot of really fitted sweaters and I love them, but I want to branch out a little bit because looser sweaters look SO COMFY.

The next sweater quantity of yarn I have is *swoon* Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Seabreeze!


Isn’t it just utterly and insanely beautiful?? It’s going to be a modified version of a Beatnik Sweater by Norah Gaughan.


I had seen Beatnik before and liked it a lot, especially the really cool boatneck. However, I saw this modification by Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts using some of her yarn in the same color, and I fell in love! I knew that I needed some of this yarn for a sweater, and I would put some of my own favorite cables on it instead of the ones in the pattern. I showed the modified one to Greg and he told me I should make mine exactly the same. I told him that that would make me super unoriginal, to do the same sweater in the same yarn and in the same color, and he countered with the fact that a) her sweater is basically perfect and the cables look much dressier than the ones I was considering and b) they sortof look like scales and so I could pretend to be a tropical fish, and who doesn’t want to do that?? He makes some good points (though he did concede that he was having a hard time picturing the cables I was thinking of using on the sweater). I’ll need to mull this one over for a while longer 😛

Next on the list is some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport. (which actually gets two spots.)3

I love Knit Picks. I like that they provide natural fibers for those of us with pretty tight yarn budgets. The TFA yarn aside (which was a Christmas present from my parents) all of the options on this list are not too terribly pricey. It’s really quite a good deal, and when they do sales, wheeeeee!! (all my sweater quantities are bought on sale, because yeah.) This batch of lovely colorful goodness is going to be a Foxy Sweater by Natalie Moreva. (I love her colorwork, it’s too cute.)


I don’t even really need to say much about this sweater. I love foxes, and it’s just insanely cute. I will never take it off, once I finish it. I mean, seriously. It’s amazing. It’s going to be one of those sweaters where people walk up to you on the street and ask you where you bought it, and then you get to say that you made it and be all smug. (Don’t act like you don’t do that. I’ll know that you are lying.) Seriously though, every knitter needs at least one item like that, because it helps other people value our art form. Knitting isn’t just a craft, it’s a way for people to creatively express themselves, and I wish that more people realized that!

Alright, on to the next yarn! This is also from Knit Picks, but it’s their Palette yarn (which comes in a completely crazy number of colors.)


I love this pale lavender. And I have so much of it because I’m making Oshima by Jared Flood.Oshima

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve coveted this sweater for a while, but I’m a little afraid of seaming. However, I may be getting over that. I learned how to mattress stitch for my mom’s christmas present, and it turned out quite nicely! I think I may be ready to tackle this sweater soon. Plus, every time I see someone else make one I feel jealous and think about my yarn just waiting for me to turn it into this awesome sweater. It will also take less time than I think, because the lightweight yarn is held double and knit at the gauge of a worsted weight. There’s nothing wrong with that! I also need to learn to brioche.. But it’s so popular now, there must be dozens of tutorials online. I mentioned before that I loved Brooklyn Tweed (that styling tho! The photography is just gorgeous and totally suckers me into thinking that I would be that cool if I had that sweater.)

Next on our list, we have more Wool of the Andes Sport in a beautiful heathered dark green! I just have to point out that Knit Picks knows me. If you discount something so steeply that I can knit myself a sweater for less than twenty-five dollars, I will buy a lot of it. I will be compelled.


I don’t actually know precisely what I’m doing with this. I think I’ll probably end up designing the sweater I want, because I haven’t found the right one yet. I know that I want cables, but not all over, and probably fitted or at least body skimming, and dense for the gauge so it’s nice and cozy. It’ll be a pullover almost certainly, because I prefer them. It’s odd, because I wear cardigans constantly, but I like to snuggle into my sweaters. There are, however, a few exceptions, and I’ve saved them for the end.

Oh, how shocking, more Knit Picks!


This, however, is fancy Knit Picks yarn. It’s their sock weight merino yarn with just a touch of lovely cashmere.. It’s soft like kittens and I love it. It’s going to be a Wispy Cardi by Hannah Fettig.


Those of you with good memories may recall that I made one of these for my mom for Christmas. I love the pattern, I think it’s very practical and goes with basically everything. I need a black cardigan/shrug that’s a little heavier than my stash of cotton ones I wear to work. It’s also a different shape, and I like that. The Wispy Cardi originally calls for a laceweight knit at about a sport weight gauge, but this is a heavier weight yarn than is required. I labor under the delusion that this will lengthen the life span of the sweater, since it will be knit a little more tightly and thus be more resistant to pilling. In reality, it has cashmere in it, so I have no right to expect anything of the sort. I still love it though. I’m not actually hugely enthused about knitting it, because, hello. Miles and miles of stockinette in black yarn? It’s not exactly going to be thrilling. But I think this will be a “knit while reading” project, which should make it okay.

Last, but most certainly not least, more Knit Picks! It’s the same color in both a worsted and a fingering weight yarn.. (And yes, I totally took advantage of their most recent sale on Palette.)


It’s a lovely dark ruby red, isn’t it? As an aside, I love heathered yarns, or very subtly variegated ones. I think that they add a lot of depth to a piece of knitwear, and it’s somehow more fun to knit than a solid color. It’s going to be another Norah Gaughan sweater (and another entry for Brooklyn Tweed too!) the Marshal sweater.


Don’t you love it??? I totally do. The pattern has you use the lighter weight yarn for the body, and then the heavier weight for Brioche stitch collar, cuffs, and pockets. I think that that is crazy brilliant. (Though if you’re at all familiar with Norah Gaughan’s designs, it’s not in the least surprising. That lady is clearly not thinking like the rest of us, and I like it.) You get a little extra coziness on your extremities, which is always a plus. However, this simply smashing sweater isn’t for everyone. I showed it to Greg, thinking that he would be as enthused about it as I was, and he just said “hmmmmm…” I asked his what his objections were to the sweater, and he said that they weren’t OBJECTIONS per se, but in his opinion, and I quote: “I think that if you wore that, you would look like a lesbian cat lady professor.” he paused for a moment “Not that I’m saying that that’s a bad look.” I laughed and laughed. I’m going to make it anyway. I think that it will be lovely in red, and perhaps he was moreso reacting to the very military-inspired palette of the photos.

So that’s it for the sweater madness friends! If you’ve stuck with me thus far, wow. I’m impressed. This has got to be one of my longest posts ever! I’ve actually reached over two thousand words, which is crazy! Who knew that I had so much to say about sweaters?? I’ve got a few more list-style blog entries percolating up in the old noodle, (Wow that was a weird phrase. But I can’t change it now, it amuses me too much.) and we’ll just have to see how long it takes me to get around to doing another. It’s funny, all of these pictures were taken out in the park by my house, and although quite a few people walked by (and a couple of them were completely unable to hide their curiosity) not ONE PERSON asked me what I was doing. They totally wanted to, but I think they were afraid of the answer. This tickles my funny bone immensely. Until next time!



  1. I have been eyeing the Beatnik & Oshima sweaters too, I totally understand! I can’t wait to see what you’ll start with 🙂

  2. Your stash is so gorgeous and so organised! I’m jealous- mines heaped in a chest!

  3. I’m having fun imagining you photographing your yarn in a park. 🙂 I, too, am a Brooklyn Tweed fangirl and have grand dreams of spinning myself enough Shetland woolen yarn to knit Hawser

    I do love the mods to the Beatnik sweater, I’m a big fan of that stitch pattern she used. And I think the last sweater, it’s the collar and the patch pockets that give it a slightly strange vibe, they look like afterthoughts just kinda stuck on. However, it is certainly unique and that’s the fun part of knitting your own sweaters, right? Making something one-of-a-kind!

  4. Gorgeous patterns and lots of yummy yarn! I use Knit Picks yarn quite often, too, and will say that I had a bad experience with Capra, the DK-weight sister of Capretta. I knit my son a beautiful cardigan with stranded colorwork at a tight gauge, and it pills like crazy. Honestly, the cardigan wasn’t worn all that much and hasn’t been washed since I blocked it, and it looks like crap. Not very hard-wearing. It was extremely lovely to knit, though — very soft and cozy, and it looked gorgeous at first.

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