I’m baaaaack..

Guys, I really didn’t expect to be gone for this long!

Here’s the thing. My life is totally in disarray right now. Greg just moved (across town, but it was just the two of us moving his whole apartment.) I’m also about to move, I’ve been training my new minion at work, (in the extra time that I don’t have) and I’m trying to figure a schedule for the next month and a half that isn’t completely insane. All this adds up to lots and lots of stress. Piles of it. And when I get stressed, I tend to hibernate. I am an introvert, and I need lots of alone time to process my stress. I also don’t like to spread it around. I know that sometimes it’s good to get a little help from one’s friends at a time like this, but honestly all of my friends are just as stressed out as I am right now. (several of them are still in school, and it’s finals time.) I also feel bad dumping my problems on other people, when I have great coping strategies. To wit, knitting and spinning! There has been a lot of both. 

Some people ask me occasionally why I am so obsessed with knitting. I always explain it like this, and it actually seems to help non-fibery people understand why the fiber arts are so important. It’s like this. Everyone has stress, and everyone has ways of dealing with it. I am an EXTREMELY high stress person. Always have been. In order to keep my levels of stress from being crippling, I became a maker. I knit and spin, sew, do random projects that have nothing to do with those crafts, I embroider, and I write. The reason that I do all of those things is that I can take my stress, dissipate it, and convert my stress into a beautiful and unique thing. It’s like magic! Because of knitting and spinning, I’m a much happier and better adjusted person. I just wish that I had done both in college, because I think I would have had a much nicer experience. 

All that being said, because of my high stress levels lately, I have knit a lot, (though it’s been mostly of the meat and potatoes variety. Yay plain vanilla socks!) and spun several absolutely gorgeous skeins of yarn. I will eventually show you all what I have created, but it seems like the work required to get things photographed is too much for me right now. That will eventually change, as I am methodically disposing of my stressors. However, expect the blog to be a little light on pictures until I get myself together again. I have been reading all of your blogs, and feeling very inspired by the beautiful things I’ve seen. Even if I am only lurking around the interwebs, I do really appreciate seeing what other makers are working on. 

I’ll finish up this blog post with a story. 

I decided to knit a pair of socks for my grandpa. He lives out in Colorado on a ranch, and I thought a pair of socks would be just the ticket for those long, cold winters up in the mountains. I went to Michael’s, and I found a skein of their lovely store brand self-striping merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn in very manly browns and greens. My grandpa doesn’t like wild colors (like at all) so I was proud of myself for picking something that I knew he would like. I started knitting. After I had several inches of sock, I was feeling less sure of myself. Some of the stripes were looking pretty speckled, and there was some orange and some dark green that hadn’t really been obvious in the skein. I knew what I had to do. I went to Greg, and I asked him “What do you think about these colors?” without telling him my worries on the matter. His response was “I really like them. They are so cool and interesting!” My shoulders slumped in defeat. If Greg, the king of rainbow socks and exciting fashion choices, liked the striped socks that I was knitting for my grandpa, there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that my grandpa would wear them. He is a man of great restraint in the color department, and though he might put them on when I was coming to visit, he probably wouldn’t otherwise. Thus, I did the only thing that I could do. I turned to Greg, and said:


“So Greg, want some socks?” 


Dude is getting all the sock love around here. 



  1. I totally empathise with knitting to de-stress and there is nothing wrong with hibernating and knitting to feel better.
    Sounds like you owe your grandpa some socks though!! 🙂

    • My mom says that he’d rather have a hat. Hats are easy, so I rebelled by deciding to spin the yarn myself 😛

      • Oh he’ll love that if you’ve spun the yarn too x

  2. Glad you’re back! 🙂 Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. Is it just me or is Spring just a little crazy? So much going on. Just today I got together with knitting friends…we hadn’t seen each other in more than a month! Can’t wait to see the socks…or hat…you knit for your Grandpa. 🙂

    • I think it’s a crazy time for everyone. You’re going into summer, and you think it’s going to be a break and a rest, but it’s all a lie.

  3. knittedblissjc

    knitting is a fabulous de-stresser, because it can be complex enough to distract you from worry, or simple enough that it’s just a mindless tapping of needles. And Glad that Greg gets the socks! If your grandpa prefers simple colours, probably a tonal grey is your best bet.

    • I’m definitely going grey or brown, I don’t want to risk the same thing happening twice! Right now I’m on a baby knitting jag though. Fuzzy angora baby bootees, just sayin’ 😛

  4. Grandpa would absolutely love your striped socks…..make some for Grandpa and for your honey…..you can knit to your heart’s desire. What a healthy way to handle your stress. your uncles bite their nails and other things….you are imaginative and creative and wonderful. You have always been amazing ever since I held you in my arms back in Va. when you were born. God has given you great gifts and talents…..I am glad you are using them for a positive purpose.

    • I’m definitely still making something for Grandpa! What are his favorite colors?

  5. Knitting is the best stress relief of all time, I’m with you on that one! I can feel my blood pressure lowering and my heart rate slowing when I sit down for a good knit. It’s helped me through dome stressful times! Hope things calm down for you soon

    • The Yarn Harlot have a great talk a year or two ago about “Your brain on Knitting” and all the positive effects knitting has. I totally believe it too. I know it helps me.

    • *gave not have >.< stupid autocorrect.

  6. Good to have you back, hope you’re not stressing to much! I’m a terrible worrier, so I know how you feel. x

    • I think it’s funny how so many knitters are super worriers. It makes sense though, we need the knitting to keep us (relatively) normal.

  7. I feel as though I could have written parts of this post myself – the parts about being busy and knitting for stress relief, not the part about socks. I haven’t attempted socks yet, and I think trying to do that would actually increase my stress at this point. 🙂

    • Awww, socks aren’t too bad, I promise! They seem really intimidating at first, but there’s lots of really great tutorials and videos online to get you through the rough patches. Plus, self-striping sock yarns are a glorious invention.

  8. Haha! I love how you used Greg as the color litmus test for Grampa’s socks. You just take care of you and knit your meat and potatoes. We’re around. I like how you call it meat and potato knitting. Kathy B calls it potato chip knitting. hehe. I know exactly what you both mean!

    • Greg is actually very useful in helping to assess what the more conservative males in my family will and won’t wear. He likes things to be exciting, and excitement is the last thing that most of my male relatives are looking for in their clothing 😛 It means that Greg is super fun to knit for though. I’m now binge knitting baby bootees, so his turn probably won’t come around again for a while

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