The Katniss Cowl Revealed!

I knew that this was destined to be mine from the moment I saw the first Catching Fire trailer.

Introducing the Katniss Cowl…

Katniss Cowl 1

I have to say, I love Katniss Everdeen. Unlike a lot of heroines in YA fiction, she is tough and takes care of herself. However, she’s still human, and she has many loving relationships that mean everything to her. She has a balance that I feel like a lot of female characters lack. While she spends most of the books kicking ass and taking names, she’s not just a stereotypical Amazon. She has depth, and we can understand her feelings, even if she can get a little angsty at times. (What teenager doesn’t? Even if they aren’t destined to save the world.) As awful as it would be to live in the dystopian future that is the setting for the Hunger Games, Katniss can handle anything (and look great doing it!) Besides, what isn’t awesome about being a badass archer? Reading those books made me want to try archery again, but I won’t, because I seriously sucked at it. Maybe because, like many nerds, my vision is horrible.

A few months ago, Rachel of All Night Knits was looking for a pattern for the fabulous cowl that Katniss Everdeen is wearing in the trailers for Catching Fire. I hadn’t seen them yet, but the minute that I saw this cowl, I was in love. I had to make a Katniss Cowl of my very own! I wanted to knit it and wear it to the premiere, and I finished it up in just a few hours of knitting time. However, it came out so beautifully that I wanted to release the pattern as well. So here it is!

The great thing about super bulky yarns is that they knit up fast. If you want a Katniss Cowl of your very own to wear to the premiere (November 22nd people!) you still have time! It’s amazingly quick to knit, even though the neckline is a bit fiddly. I did a really detailed step-by-step guide with pictures, so hopefully it should be way easy for you guys! If there’s a little girl on your Christmas list who loves Katniss, this might be just the ticket.. If you want to be loved and adored forevermore 😛

Katniss Cowl 2

These pictures were taken on a FREEZING cold roof by the inimitable Greg Dracoulis, who managed to get some really lovely shots. I don’t know how, because it was miserably cold. He must just be a really great photographer 😛 My hands and feet felt like they got frostbite, but my torso was toasty warm!

Katniss Cowl 3

As dramatic and avant garde as this cowl is, I really think it’s very wearable. Big smooshy cowls have been really popular the last few seasons, and I love the neckline on this one, how crisp and structured it is. It’s very unique, and I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of it in the Boston winter.

Katniss Cowl 4

The pattern is free in my Ravelry store, (link here!) I want everyone to have one so I’m not charging for the pattern. It only takes about two and a half skeins of Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn, so it’s economical too. Everyone should knit a Katniss Cowl. We all deserve them, and we will all look fabulous. And revolutionary. And maybe as cute and charming as Jennifer Lawrence. I take that one back. No one is as cute and charming as Jennifer Lawrence. Let me know what you think! (it’s only the second design I’ve ever published and I am nervous.) Thanks bloggy friends!

Katniss Cowl 5

(One last picture because Greg’s pictures are awesome. Over and out.)


**UPDATE** If you’ve decided that you absolutely MUST have one of these and don’t knit or have a knitting friend that you can beg and bribe in order to get one, you can buy one from my Etsy store. Too many people asked, so I finally caved.



  1. Ali G.

    AMAZING! Thank you so very much!

  2. mattyroh07

    Thanks so much for the pattern! I’ve been wanting to make this cowl since seeing the movie, but the collar has been stumping me. One question: does the rope in the collar make the cowl heavy to wear? I was trying to come up with something to wrap the yarn around that wouldn’t be heavy and somehow using rope never occurred to me. *facepalm*

    • It’s a bit heavy, not too bad, but if you’re concerned about it, you can get a slightly thinner rope, and I find that the white polyester rope is lighter than the brown 3-ply rope. I’ve made a few of these now, so I know all the tricks 😛

  3. Ms. Scinerdz

    Thanks bunches for the pattern! I modified the cowl, just letting my stockinette stitch curl, a few purl rows, then stockinette again and then binding off. I picked up my stitches a few rows from the bottom, in the back to start the neck and should part in herringbone, but it looks like you have increases to get the drape over your shoulders…? I have a request to knit this for a non-knitter friend. I am hoping this will inspire her to let me teach her how to knit…

  4. Oh I love Katniss, too! She´s wearing so much freaking out fantastic knitwear in the film and this cowl was the highlight. Your work is amazing! Absolutely fantastic *.*

  5. Christi

    I love the pattern. I am making one for my sister who is going to London next month and I know she will love it. I had a question though what diameter of rope did you use, and where did you get it? I was at a hardware store looking at some and all of what I was seeing seemed a lot thinner than what you had so I was just wondering if you could tell me more precisely what you used.

    • I used 5/8 inch polyester rope that I bought at Home Depot. I know a lot of people have been cutting up old t shirts and braiding the strips if they can’t find the right rope, so that might work too!

  6. Den

    Oh wow, that is just stunning!

  7. I’m in the thick of it but my triangles are not 24 x 15 x 15 and I even moved up a needle size. is that okay? I”m hoping it is. Also: it would be nice to know what the finished size is–or what sizes it can be. I’m knitting it for someone else, and she gave me her measurements but I can’t tell if this will fit her!

    • Try blocking your triangles! Mine loosened up considerably after blocking. Measure your gauge after you block them, as you’ll have similar gauge on the neck part that’s knitted in the round. You can multiply your gauge by the number of stitches to see what the circumference of the circular part will be and compare it to your friend. If things are coming out too small, you can always cast on more stitches. I had someone who wanted more chest coverage from the triangles, so I cast on more stitches for the triangles and then towards the end decreased twice every row rather than every other row. I hope this helps! I also added more tips on the Ravelry page for the pattern, and there are lots of projects that other people have done for reference!

      • girlyndnpunk

        I downloaded the pattern off of Ravelry and the instructions there for the triangles say “On the first and last stitch of each row, work a decrease.” So I decreased every row, and my measurements are at 23X15X15. I’m going to block again to see if I can get to 24.
        I just read your comment on decreasing ever other row instead of twice each row–which is what I did and came just shy of the the intended measurements. Was that correct? Sorry, just had a small freak out moment when I read that comment (it could be outdated anyway).

      • It sounds like you got very close to the required measurements, so i wouldn’t worry about it! There seems to be a very big range for gauge with this project, so if it works, don’t stress 🙂

  8. Anne

    Really good ! I would try to knit one for my daughter’s birthday on january 28. She will be 16 and is a fan of Hunger Games ! I hope I will understand your pattern ( I’m French, and don’t want to ask my daughter who study english in a special class and is better than me in english because I would like it will be a surprise….). anyway, thank you for this free pattern

  9. Amelia

    Your ravelry says no selling without your permission, so I’m wondering what exactly is required to be allowed to sell what I make from this?

    • The only way I let people sell these is if they’re making one for a friend who can’t knit or something like that. I don’t authorize any commercial use of the pattern I’ve created other than for someone in your direct social circle where you would also be doing them a favor. Since I sell these myself on Etsy, I don’t permit anyone else to do so, or to sell them at any other online merchant or at craft fairs.

  10. I just received the Katniss Cowl that I ordered. It is gorgeous. It came in time for my daughter’s event tomorrow. Thank you! Thank you! I knew I would never get it knitted in time and it is by far the neatest one that I have seen on line for sale.


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  2. The Return and the Katniss Cowl | peachesyarn

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